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October 2019 - Video: Specialized Molding Presses

Video: Specialized Molding Presses

At S&H Rubber, we have specialized molding presses which enables us to meet the needs of our wide range of customers. Contact us and let’s talk about your next project 714-525-0277. WATCH VIDEO

Design2Part Show

We had a great time at the D2P SoCal show this month in Pasadena. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth, it was great to connect with you! Follow us on Facebook to receive updates, product information, & more on a weekly basis! FOLLOW US
Dow’s Breakthrough 3D-Printable LSR

Article Featured onĀ

Designers now have the option to 3D-print silicone rubber parts in color using liquid silicone rubber from Dow and a new dosing system developed by Nexus. READ THE FULL ARTICLE