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February - World-Class & Versatile


S&H Rubber specializes in precision die cutting of washers, gaskets and diaphragms. We manufacture simple O.D./I.D. washers and gaskets to custom shapes and complex configurations. With our diverse equipment, we can run one part to one million. Our numerous molding presses allow us to be versatile for quick set-ups and turn-around delivery. LEARN MORE
Airbus Successfully Executes
First-ever Autonomous Take-off
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While Tesla and others continue to tackle the challenge of autonomous automobiles, Airbus is looking to taking this technology to the skies. Earlier this month, the French aerospace giant unveiled that in December it completed what is believed to be the first pilot-less takeoff of a passenger jet with a test aircraft utilizing their vision-based platform. READ THE FULL ARTICLE
Who We Are

S&H Rubber was started by my dad, Steve Haney, in 1967 in Fullerton, CA. Originally started to support over-flow/short runs from my grandfathers large rubber company in Brea, CA; S&H Rubber quickly gained confidence from customers. After rapid growth and developing a reputation of quality and quick turn-around, S&H Rubber was no longer limited to over-flow work or small jobs. ABOUT US