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Custom Made Rubber Products: All types of rubber compounds - Molded Rubber Products - Extrusions, including splicing and lathe cutting. Die cut gaskets, washers and diaphragms.

Markets Served: Aerospace, Automotive, Water Filtration and Oil and Gas.


S & H Rubber is a world-class, versatile supplier of custom molded and rubber extrusion products.

S&H Rubber was started by my dad, Steve Haney, in 1967 in Fullerton, CA. Originally started to support over-flow / short runs from my grandfathers large rubber company in Brea, CA. S&H Rubber quickly gained confidence from customers. After rapid growth and developing a reputation of quality and quick turn-around, S&H Rubber was no longer limited to over-flow work or small jobs.

We are proud to say that many of those original customers are still with S&H Rubber today. Although we continue to expand our capabilities, we are still that small size company that can respond quickly to customer needs.

As the President/Owner I am very hands-on and excited to guide this company through the next 40 years.

Privately held since being established in 1967.

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